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Towns and Villages

France, a land of contrasts

The scenery, people’s faces, their attitude of mind, and the way they speak vary from one region to of France smiling

The country is made up of towns and villages, wide plains, hills and mountains. Acorns and olives, apples and oranges grow on the trees. The changing seasons bring sun, rain, wind and snow in winter.

So the Loire, the longest river in France, and the most changeable, divides the country almost exactly in half. The weather forecast always says it will be warmer and sunnier south of the Loire. In the north the grass is greener.

In France there are more 36,780 towns and villages, called communes. Each one has a mayor who, with the local council, organises the life of the community. You go to the town hall (called “l’Hôtel de ville” or, in a village, “la Mairie”) for official information about schools, the health service, leisure activities etc.


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