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What do the following towns have in common?France shaped as a coffee pot

  • Bristol (UK)  and  Bordeaux (F) 
  • Rome (I)  and Paris (F)
  • Aigle (CH)  et  L’Aigle (F)

Enghien-les-Bains near Paris has had a sister town, Enghien near Brussels, since June 16th 1957.

Orange (F), Breda (NL) and Diest (B) have a family link. It is said to be "Oranges".

Panneau des villes jumelées L'Aigle (61) et Aigle  (CH) - Photo : G. BrameThey are all twin towns. The local councils organise meetings and exchanges which help their people make friends and get to know each other.

Poisson (Fish) and Avril (April) are two French villages with a good sense of humour. “Poisson d’avril” is the French for “April fool” and this isn’t a joke – they really are twinned!

Like Sébastien who goes to school in Normandy, make up a poem using the word « France ». It doesn’t have to rhyme but, whether in French, English or Dutch, your 6 lines must begin with the letters F.R.A.N.C.E.

Françoise regarde la terre                 Ecole Comtesse de Segur, Aube (61) - Photo : G. Brame
Recherche la France                         
Avec son doigt                                  
Ne la trouve pas                               
Ce n’est pas grave                            
Elle cherche en Amérique                 

 Sébastien, Ecole Comtesse de Ségur - Aube (61)

I'm the leader in Albania

I come third in France

I've never been to Greece but I've been

three times to Canada

Who am I?[Help: infoplus ]

Can you name the 6 countries[Help: infoplusinfoplus ] bordering France?

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Letter A

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Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and the United-Kingdom.

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