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France in the shape of a hexagon

« France is neither round nor square : its nickname is the Hexagon. » Edouard

France shaped like a Hexagon
France is shaped like a hexagon. It covers an area of 550,000 km2, which is twice as big as the United Kingdom whilst the population is around 63,5 million in each country. France has the largest area of the 27 countries in the European Union whilst Germany has the largest population.

It shares land borders with 6 countries, which is why the French are used to meeting their European neighbours. France is said to be the most Latin country of northern Europe and the most Nordic country of Southern Europe.

France’s south coast is by the warm Mediterranean Sea. To the west lies the Atlantic Ocean, famous for its big waves, and in the north the English Channel and North Sea with long beaches of fine sand.

Ferries cross day and night between France and Great Britain. Since 1994, the Channel Tunnel has provided a rail link between Dover and Calais.

Its 3,200 km coastline, scattered with islands, offers shelter to commercial docks, fishing ports and marinas.

France est mon pays

Rhône est un fleuve plutôt gentil

Ajaccio est une ville fleurie

Nord est la région de mon amie

Colmar, en Alsace, est très jolie

Essonne est mon département, préfecture Evry

 Ioanna - Montgeron (91)


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