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Tasty food from all over France

Specialities from different regions

carte de France des specialites 

  • Champignons de Paris
  • Entrecôte bordelaise 
  • Marmite dieppoise (hotpot)
  • Cassoulet de Toulouse  (bean, sausage and duck casserole)
  • Bouillabaisse de Marseille  (fish soup)
  • Fondue bourguignonne – Burgundy fondue
  • Choucroute alsacienne – Alsatian cabbage and sausages
  • Ficelle picarde – Stuffed pancake (from Picardy)
  • Dorade à la provençale – Provence-style sea bream
  • Salade niçoise – Nice-style salad (with tuna, anchovies, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes …)
  • Tarte à la normande – Tart with cream (from Normandy)
  • Quiche lorraine ­ – Cheese and ham quiche (from Lorraine)

Cheeses ...

How can you choose between 400 different sorts of French cheese?

map of France - wine and cheese

Perhaps by trying a different cheese every day for a year!

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