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Let’s eat !

" In France, recipes and meals are made to be shared and enjoyed. " Patricia Wells


Fête du pain, Paris, mai 2009 - Photo : G. BrameIn the morning, you have to start the day with breakfast. Black coffee or tea for grown-ups, milky coffee or hot chocolate served in a bowl for children.

Pain multicéréales e forma de marguerite - Photo : G. BrameAnd what do most French people do? They enjoy dunking their buttered bread in their tea or coffee just as the children do.

On bank holidays and some Sundays, the most willing member of the family goes to the baker’s to get a crusty baguette, some warm croissants or a brioche to eat for breakfast. Sometimes there is a queue of hungry people outside the baker’s shop. That’s a good sign!

Some families eat a different kind of breakfast. So there’s orange juice, corn flakes and yoghurt on the table and everyone takes whatever they fancy.


A good well balanced meal usually has 2 or 3 courses: a savoury dish (starter or main course) and a dessert. Some people prefer to finish with a piece of cheese.

It is amusing to discover the history or anecdote behind the names of dishes: bouchée à la reine (a queen’s mouthful), Paris-Brest, sandwich.

Some 200 years ago, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, was an avid gambler and did not want to leave the gaming table for his meals. So he had a slice of meat brought to him between two slices of bread. The sandwich was born.

Today’s menu

Salade de la mer (Seafood Salad)

Mignonnette de poulet forestière (Chicken and mushrooms)

Purée aux deux pommes (Apple compote and mashed potatoes)

Succès aux noix (Nuts)


The evening meal is often light. A good soup always goes down well in winter. In summer people prefer a mixed salad.

Young children (up to about the age of 7) generally eat around 7 pm and go to bed around 8.30. Older children wait until their parents come home from work and eat with them so they can talk about what has happened that day. After the meal, depending on what everyone likes or has to do, there’ll be time to relax (reading or watching television) or to finish your homework.

« They eat bread at every meal, even with something else. » David

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