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All texts on the site are copyright (articles 122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code). Geneviève Brame allows partial reproduction of the site content as classroom worksheets or handouts with obligatory acknowledgement of its source: "copied from the website".

  • Project coordinated by Mireille Déchelette with the help of Emmanuel Marion and Véronique Renault, Attachés de coopération pour le français in Gand, Amsterdam and London.
  • The survey of young people was administered by Virginie Clavreul and Emilie Viry in Flanders and by Emmanuel Marion and Mathieu Ginod in the Netherlands, with a Dutch/French translation by Mireille Déchelette.
  • Warmest thanks to all the teachers who gave out the questionnaires and to the pupils and students for their replies.
  • Giedo Custers was responsible for the move from London to France and for the site in its provisional format.
  • Technical and friendly advice from: Rémy Grenier.
  • Translation of the site into Dutch was done jointly by Judit Kroon, a Utrecht University student working temporarily for the Cutural Service at the Maison Descartes in Amsterdam and 40 students at the Lessius Hogeschool in Antwerp, supervised by their translation teacher, Winibert Segers.
  • On the British side, David Whale, Inspector of Schools, was responsible for the English translation.
  • Integration of texts and images was done by Daan Declerck for the Dutch version and by Mireille Déchelette for the French and English versions.
  • has something in common with Chez toi en France. A nod of thanks to Béatrice Tollu and to Editions Hachette Jeunesse. Thanks also to Jörg Mailliet who gave us several illustrations, aided and abetted on the technical side for ZipZapFrance by webmaster Isabelle Bréant.
  •   Graphics and design by Florent Claude.
  • Photographic credits: Frédéric de La Mure/MAEE, Y-J. Chen/MAEE, Présidence de la République, Daniel Leroy, Geneviève et Bernard Brame, Mireille Déchelette.

  • Site hosted by: OVH.

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