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Author: Geneviève Brame

Biography & Bibliography

Geneviève Brame works in Paris and writes in Normandy. Her background includes psychology, sociology, teaching and human resources management. All were useful for her work in international business consultancy.

When she was little she loved reading the dictionary and began dreaming of foreign travel.

That was a good excuse to sharpen her pencils and begin writing. Her collection of "Notebooks" sowed the seed that would later grow into a wish for others to read what she wrote. Pen... and paintbrush: one person chose the words, the other illustrated them. Geneviève Brame worked closely with Béatrice Tollu to produce five books for children and adults.

In 1995 Chez toi en France appeared under the Hachette Jeunesse imprint, followed by Chez toi en Europe and Chez toi en Normandie. It was the beginning of a series Geneviève Brame called Pays d’enfance. The région series began to bear fruit. Chez toi en Lorraine, flavoured with mirabelle plums, was also published. More titles would be added in the new millennium.

In 1999 Living & Working in France was published in English in London by Kogan Page Publisher. The author reveals the secrets of French life for English speakers whose studies or work take them to France. (3rd edition in 2004)

In 2006, Geneviève Brame wrote in French about France for the benefit of foreigners and the French people who meet them. Chez vous en France was published jointly by La Documentation française and France info with help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In due course, with colleagues from the Cultural Service of the French Embassies in London, Brussels and Amsterdam, Geneviève Brame began stirring the cyber-pot. First ZipZapFrance wove its web on the net, and then was born again in 2005 as

Intended originally for any young people wishing to find out more about France, now exists in French, English and Dutch versions, with plans for other languages to follow.

For adults


For young people

Founder and editor of the Pays d’Enfance collection, published by Hachette Jeunesse

Chez Toi en France
with an introduction by La Poste (new edition 2006)

Chez toi en Europe
Introduction by Simone Veil (2nd edition 1999)

Chez toi en Normandie (1999)

Bonjour de France folio, children’s poster in English
Published by the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni and Maison de la France in London

Le français en tête folio, in French, for young people studying the French language Published by the Institut Français du Royaume Uni.
In French, English and Dutch.


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