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Fleur de courgette - Photo : G. Brame

Start of the new school year

This is “la rentrée”, when swimsuits and sunglasses have to be put away, satchels found again, and woollies brought out for the cool evenings.

It’s back to the old school routine for children and parents alike.

September 21st: First day of autumn

Historic Buildings Open Days

Place des Vosges - Photo : Y-J. Chen, MAEE The “journées du patrimoine” are days when, once a year, the French public can visit castles, museums, historic monuments etc. free of charge. The authorities even throw open the doors of the President of the Republic’s office in the Elysée Palace. Galerie des glaces - Photo : C. Stéfan, MAEESo on the third weekend in September you can see things that for the rest of the year remain a closely guarded secret.

Septembre se nomme le mai de l'automne
September is the May of autumn

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