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Tulipes : M. Déchelette

Grandmothers’ Day

On the first weekend in March, before Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, we think about our grandmothers. But what about grandfathers? Why don’t they have a special day?

March 8th: International Women’s Day

This day in honour of women was founded in Copenhagen in 1910 by women who did not have the right to vote.

Today, there are still big disparities and differences between men and women, for example the pay for doing the same job with the same qualifications.

Mardi gras

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday (the first day in Lent which lasts for 40 days until Easter).

Gaufre - Photo : M. DécheletteIn some French towns such as Nice and Dunkirk Shrove Tuesday is carnival time. There is a procession with floats and people have fun with their friends, dressing up and eating waffles and doughnuts.

Playing with words in March!

French Language Week, Poetry in Springtime, Paris Book Exhibition…

The 10 words of the French language week

In March every year, 10 words are chosen to celebrate the French language. The French-speaking people and francophiles around the world take part in this celebration.

Poster "Dis-moi 10 mots qui relient"In 2011 the theme is "tell me 10 words that connect" : accueillant, fil, avec, cordée, harmonieusement, agapes, réseauter, chœur, complice, main.» This event appeals to creativity and imagination and texts can rime, sing, slam or swing!

En 2010, on a joué plus que jamais avec les mots. Zip-zappons avec « Baladeur, Cheval de Troie, Crescendo, Escagasser, Galère, Mentor, Mobile, Remue-méninges, Variante, Zapper ».

The words suggested for 2007 have all «migrated». Like birds, words travel from one country to another without needing a passport. Some land, settle and become an established part of the other language. French words that arrived this way include abricot (apricot), amour (love), bachi-bouzouk (bashibazouk), bijou (jewel), bizarre (strange), chic, clown, mètre, passe-partout (master key), and valser (to waltz). But where did they come from? See if you can find out!

Falling in love with Poetry in Springtime

Bébés hirondelles - Photo : M. BoscherIn France you can tell spring is here when the swallows are back, and the same also applies to poets. If you like rhymes, rhythms or poetic ballads, pick up a pen and declare your love.

March 21st: first day of Spring

Si mars entre en lion, il sort en mouton.
If March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb.

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