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Fleur tricolore en papier - Photo : G. Brame

July 14th: French National Holiday – Bastille Day

Prise de la Bastille, peint par Jean-Pierre Houël (1735-1813)This holiday commemorates the fall of the Bastille which started the Revolution in 1789.

There are all kinds of local celebrations everywhere, but there are also official ceremonies such as the big annual military procession down the Champs-Elysées in Paris, attended by the President of the Republic.La Garde Républicaine, défilé du 14 juillet - Photo : F. de la Mure, MAEE

At midday on Bastille day, the head of State broadcasts to the French nation on radio and television from his office in the Elysée Palace. He either makes a speech or is interviewed by journalists.

On July 13th, lots of towns and villages organize a free dance on the main square which is decorated with fairy lights, after which everyone goes off to enjoy a firework display.

Juillet ensoleillé remplit cave et grenier
A sunny July fills the wine cellar and the granary.

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