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En avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil.
(Don’t take a stitch off in April)

Fleur d’avril tient par un fil car si avril fait la fleur, mai en a l’honneur.
(An April flower hangs by a thread because, although flowers are formed in April, May has the honour of seeing them.)

April 1st: April fool’s day

On this day you have to watch out for young people playing jokes, for example sticking a paper fish on their teacher’s back. Some teachers take the joke well and laugh about it!

Some journalists let their imagination run riot and try to catch their readers, listeners or viewers out by inventing a false news story which will fool them until they look at the date.

Easter and Easter Monday

The French word for Easter, “Pâques”, comes from the Hebrew "pessah" which means "Passover". In the singular, “Pâque” refers to this Jewish festival whereas Christians add an “s” to make it plural: “Pâques”. The Christian festival commemorates Christ’s death and resurrection, celebrated by ringing out the church bells.

What comes with the Easter bells? Eggs, chickens and all kinds of chocolate treats. These are usually hidden in the garden if you’ve got one. That’s why many towns and villages organize a children’s "Easter egg hunt" in the park, which is enjoyed by young and old alike.


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